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When is the last time you met someone so beautiful that you told yourself she couldn’t possibly be warm and genuine too?

We met online. I had just dipped my toe into the Twitter pool and hadn’t yet figured out the difference between a Tweet and a Follow. I can’t tell you exactly how the conversation started, but a few months later I found myself sitting in the audience at Gilda’s Club in New York City listening to her speak.

As she told the story of her Dad and his 8-year fight through cancer treatment, the memory of my own father in a hospital bed after a life-threating (post colon cancer surgery) infection made my throat swell with emotion. Although my Dad had since recovered, I knew how close we came to losing him and I instantly knew Britta’s “Safe Skincare Revolution” was about so much more than skincare. It was also about honouring her father’s legacy and bringing support to patients and caregivers around the world.

When we met again the next day at a mutual friend’s house in NYC, I had a chance to share my big hairy audacious dream of traveling around the world and volunteering on almost every continent. I explained how I wanted to lay the ground work for a foundation to help other cancer survivors do the same. At the time, my dream was still so new that most people gave me the one eyebrow raised, you want to do what? look. Not Britta. As a fellow cancer survivor and big dreamer, she instantly became one of my biggest champions.

Now, it’s my turn to share her dream with you. Inspired by her Dad’s battle, Britta has developed a safe skincare line and she needs our help to share these products with cancer hospitals across North America. Please take a few minutes to watch her story and share it with your friends and family so we can help her honour her father’s legacy.

So far the project has been 40% funded entirely by community. They want to reach $35k by Wednesday, May 8th at midnight. Yes, that is tomorrow. But, It’s not uncommon for crowd funding campaigns to double their donations on the last few hours.

At the core, Britta’s story is about a daughter who wants to honour her father’s memory and make a difference in the lives of other people facing what she faced. Britta is beautiful both inside and out and even though I never had the pleasure of meeting her father, I know that wherever he is, he is beyond proud of Britta for living her life “on purpose” and using her passion and her dreams to enrich the lives of others.

It’s not easy dreaming big and needing to ask for support, so please join me in giving what you can and sharing Britta’s story. To visit the campaign page, make your donation, and get some fantastic perks, click HERE. 

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@afreshchapter is proud of @Britta_Aragon for dreaming big. Please support her in honouring her father’s legacy: http://wp.me/p1fcex-1TU

<38 hours left. @Britta_Aragon honour’s father’s legacy with campaign to deliver @CVskinlabs to #cancer hospitals: http://igg.me/at/cvskinlabs

Thank you for being part of our big dreaming community. If you want to nominate a big dreamer in your life who is living life “on purpose”, click here to contact us.

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  1. Donation DONE! Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing her story!

    • Thanks Renn! So happy to share her story and help other cancer survivors. Have a great week!

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