Where We Began

No one prepared me for the depression and isolation I would feel after cancer treatment ended and my doctor said I could get back to my life.

From Africa to India – The Foundation Is Born

Terri Wingham, founder of the Fresh Chapter Alliance Foundation, struggled with a lack of support when she walked out of the hospital on her final day of treatment. Friends and family wanted her to return to “normal”, but it was only after deciding to volunteer for six weeks in Africa that she found a sense of purpose and optimism in her life again.

Wingham’s experience volunteering with an underfunded daycare in South Africa left her with an entirely new outlook. Upon returning she decided to recreate her international volunteering experience for other people impacted by cancer.

In September 2011, Wingham gave up her apartment in Vancouver, lent or gave away almost everything she owned and packed her bags for a trip around the globe. After volunteering across 5 continents in her search to find the right volunteer program partners, Wingham launched a 2-week program in partnership with Cross-Cultural Solutions to test the concept of international volunteering as a way to help those impacted by cancer redefine their lives.

In February 2013, Terri, 12 participants and filmmaker Mark Halliday traveled to New Delhi India. To learn more about the success of #Delhi2013,  the expansion of our North American programs, and what’s next for the Fresh Chapter Alliance Foundation, click here.

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