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The Adventure of Hope would not have happened without the dedication and hard work of my friends at GO Overseas and CLOUD as well as the generous financial contributions of 110 members of the Fresh Chapter Tribe.  I am so incredibly grateful to all of you for your support and to the wonderful group of reputable international volunteer partners I had the pleasure of working with.



*Photo fro GeoVisions website

January 12 – February 10 –GeoVisions in Vietnam. When I first heard about GeoVisions  and its unique programs, I knew I wanted to involve them in the Adventure of Hope. Randy LeGrant, the Executive Director of GeoVisions, was personally involved in creating a customized experience that allowed me to connect with and support members of the cancer community during my stay in Vietnam. Do you want to experience Vietnam with me?



Cross-Cultural Solutions

*Photo from CCS website

February 11 – March 3rd – Cross – Cultural Solutions in India. It was because of my life-changing experience with CCS in Cape Town that I came up with My Big Hairy Audacious Dream of creating an organization to help other cancer survivors volunteer internationally. Did traveling to a city of 15 million people make me nervous? Absolutely. But CCS made it so easy. I felt completely safe, ate like a queen, and had a life changing experiences with the women of Mother Teresa’s Home for the Destitute and the Dying. Do you want to know more?


Global Volunteer Network

*Photo from GVN Website

March 15 – 29th – Global Volunteer Network in Rwanda. As soon as I spoke with Erin Cassidy the CEO of GVN, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. She suggested GVN’s program in Rwanda because of its connection to survivorship. Surviving genocide and surviving cancer are two very different challenges. But, what a powerful opportunity for cancer survivors to support people who have seen the absolute worst and made it to the other side. As soon as I saw this picture on the GVN website, I knew I had to go to Rwanda. My experience didn’t disappoint and the people I met and images I saw have made me an even more passionate advocate for peace. Do you want the inside scoop?


Pueblos Ingles

*Photo from Pueblos Ingles website

April 20 – 27th – Pueblos Ingles in Spain. I volunteered in a little village outside of Madrid. In exchange for vowing to not utter one single word of Spanish (no problem for me), I had my room and board covered (including wine) and spent my days speaking English to a group of Spanish business people on a week long English Immersion Retreat. Compared to the more intense volunteer projects of India and Rwanda, this “lighter” volunteer project came at the perfect time. What person (survivor or not) wouldn’t want to spend a week eating Spanish food, drinking Spanish wine, and making new Spanish friends? Want to learn more?


International Volunteer HQ

*Photo from IVHQ website

April 29 – May 12th – International Volunteer HQ in Cusco, Peru. “International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) aims to provide volunteer travellers with quality, flexible, safe and highly affordable volunteering placements in developing countries.” They did just that. My experience working with Daniel Radcliffe, Executive Director of IVHQ, and his team was fantastic. While in Cusco, I had the opportunity to work with detained street kids at a local police station and just like in Cape Town and Rwanda, I fell in love with more than one child. Are you keen to hear more?



May 19 – 31st – ProWorld in Urubamba, Peru. I love that ProWorld’s mission is “To empower communities, promote social and economic development, conserve the environment, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens.” While in Urubamba, I had the opportunity to volunteer on a clean water filtration project, a clean burning stove project, and a women’s empowerment project. As hard as it is to believe, approximately 1.8M deaths occur every year due to the consumption of unsafe water. It’s even harder to believe that “indoor air pollution is now the fourth largest health risk facing the developing world today. Smoke from primitive indoor stoves kills 1.9 million people each year, mostly women and children from lung and heart disease.” Since 2000, ProWorld volunteers have installed over 5,400 clean burning stoves in Peruvian homes. I feel lucky to have worked on both of these incredibly worthwhile projects. Here are the hi-lights:



June 2 – 16, 2012, GVI in Quepos, Costa Rica. For two weeks in June, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast to join this community project volunteering to help disadvantaged children. Located just outside the Manuel Antonio National Park, I lived and worked in the town of Quepos, and have a chance to lend assistance to the local school district to make up for a shortage of teachers. Do you want to learn more about volunteering in Paradise?



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