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Even if cancer is part of your story, we know it’s not the whole story.

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Cape Town South AfricaHow Do I Learn More? If you want to get the inside scoop on our upcoming programs and be one of the first to apply, please join the A Fresh Chapter Odyssey Tribe. Sign up for updates on the site or email us with your questions: You can also be part of the community on Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #fcaf.

Who Is Eligible? Our programs are open to any adult who has been diagnosed with cancer and who is healthy enough to travel (regardless of age, type of tumor, or stage of disease) and anyone who has been deeply impacted by cancer as a caregiver. We believe the trauma of cancer has a broad impact on individuals, on families, and on communities. We want to inspire more possibility, more purpose, and more meaningful connections in the lives of those touched by cancer, all while creating a ripple of good in the world.

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