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Audacious and hopeful, the Fresh Chapter Alliance Foundation transforms grief and adversity into purpose and healing.


Our Work

Few options exist, outside of a traditional support group, for helping those impacted by cancer process feelings of isolation, depression, anger, survivor guilt, and fear of recurrence or death. These emotions often go untreated and impact the mental and physical health of patients as well as their ability to integrate back into their families, workplaces, and communities.

By combining volunteering, meaningful travel, with activities that shift perspective and redefine what is possible, we address the demoralization and isolation of cancer in a fresh way and create opportunities for personal development and growth. Whether preparing meals at a local food bank, teaching English to children in the slums of New Delhi, or watching the sun set over the Grand Canyon, we give our participants an opportunity to move beyond feeling like victims of the disease. Participants are empowered to see the universality of struggle, discover the joy of giving back, and begin to believe that even if they can’t return to who they were before cancer, a new way forward is possible. Through our programs, participants gain the community and resources they need to reengage with their families, reenter their careers, and redefine their futures – all while creating a ripple of good in the world.

Why Our Work Matters

  • Over 40% of Americans can expect to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. [1]
  • Distress is the most under-reported and common side effect of cancer. [2]
  • Depression rates among cancer patients and survivors are more than double that of the average population. [3]
  • 67% of women and 85% of men choose NOT to attend a support group…Innovative approaches are needed to encourage participation in existing support groups or to design alternative interventions. [4]
  • In the population at large, volunteering is associated with lower depression and increased well-being. [5]
  • 25% – 39% increased mortality rate for metastatic breast cancer patients with symptoms of depression. [6]



Be Part of Something Fresh

By investing in programs that improve the quality of life for patients while building stronger communities at home and overseas, you will join us in shifting the paradigm of cancer support and post-traumatic growth. To learn more about partnership opportunities, please email us at

FCAF is a Project in affiliation with Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a non-profit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

[1] Ries et al. 2007; [2] Cancer Transitions; [3] Bovajian, 2010; [4] American Cancer Society, 1999; [5] Dr. Suzanne Richards, University of Exeter Medical School, 2013; [6] Journal of Clinical Oncology 2011. 

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