The Peru Odyssey: A First Glimpse (Video)

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As you might remember, Los Angeles based reality TV producer and breast cancer survivor, Dana Buning, worked with a crew of seasoned film and television professionals to document our Peru Odyssey Program. Today, we are thrilled to roll out the first video – produced by Reality for A Better Reality – and featuring our partnership with Eli Lilly & Company and its Connecting Hearts Abroad Program. This week, we’ve invited Dana to return to the blog to share a bit more about her experience. Thank you so much to Reality for a Better Reality and to our partners at Lilly for bringing this project to life. 

R4R2As I settle back into Los Angeles life, my experience in Peru shimmers in the rearview mirror. In October 2016, I wrote this post – just before traveling to South America with a film crew to document A Fresh Chapter’s 2017 Peru Odyssey. I am still awed by the caliber of our crew and their willingness to join me on this leap into the unknown.

In an unforgettable two-week experience, 23 Fresh Chapter participants and facilitators made our international crew – Chris Barker from Vancouver, Robert Sylvain from Portland, Maine, Mustapha Barat from Rio de Janeiro, and myself – feel like part of their tribe. Their openness allowed us to capture the power of their journey.

Today, I’m excited to share a first look at the Peru Odyssey program and the innovative partnership between A Fresh Chapter and Lilly. It’s challenging to present the beauty of the experience in two minutes. After all – while in Peru, we saw lives change. Scars heal. Joy resurface. But, our hope is that this first glimpse, produced with the generous support of the Lilly Oncology team, does some justice.

Peru Odyssey: A Fresh Chapter & Lilly from A Fresh Chapter on Vimeo.

This video came to life at the hands of a dedicated and talented editor, Noel Guerra; composer Matt Kierscht elevated the piece with his original music. Ashley Rath lent invaluable technical support, and Dan Warner and his skilled team at Atlas Digital provided gorgeous color and a smooth post experience.

The Reality For A Better Reality team looks forward to creating our next piece of content from the wealth of footage captured in Peru. Stay tuned to A Fresh Chapter and Reality For A Better Reality. We can’t wait to share it with you.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by cancer and want your opportunity to expand the story, make sure you’re signed up here: Join our AFC Odyssey Tribe and mark your calendars. Applications for our 2017 Fall Programs – including both Peru & South Africa – will be open February 8-15, 2017. 

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  1. AWESOME! OMG! I am literally crying after watching this clip. You captured the emotions, the impact, the spirit and the bond of this amazing tribe and the awesome experience we had together.

  2. Beautiful! It’s so nice to see what you and those impacted by your program have felt and accomplished.

    • Thanks Catherine! So wonderful to see your name here. Big hugs coming your way. xo

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