We’re SOO Close. Help Us Keep The #Delhi2013 Mob Momentum Going…

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Your voices are shaping history. Seriously! A week ago, we asked you to join us in a “mob for good” on Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic. Since then, you have helped us reach 800+ shares on Facebook, almost 1000 Tweets and 700+ views of our video message to Sir Richard himself. Just think of the ripple effect…

But, that’s not all. So far, over 115 of you have added your voice and told Sir Richard Branson why you think Virgin should support #Delhi2013. Check out these inspiring comments HERE. You have also contributed by writing posts on your blogs and sending messages to people like Ellen DeGeneres to help us get Richard Branson’s attention. Together, we are a force for change and we are so incredibly grateful you have joined us in chasing dreams and changing lives.

Although we haven’t heard from Sir Richard yet, a recent development has given us the perfect opportunity to kick this “mob for good” into even higher gear. Virgin Atlantic in the USA (click on the link or image to follow them on Twitter) has launched a holiday campaign just for us. I mean, c’mon, it’s called #VAAGiftaway and they are giving away Virgin swag and flights for the whole month of December. What better way for them to add serious juice to their campaign than to partner with #Delhi2013 in getting 12 deserving cancer survivors to New Delhi, India?

So, let’s keep up the momentum by showing Virgin Atlantic in the USA why they don’t want to pass up this amazing opportunity.

Here’s How You Can Help:

  1. Tweet Directly to Virgin Atlantic Click this link to tweet this message: Please RT @VAAintheUSA The perfect #VAAGiftaway = 12 cancer survivors + flights to India: http://goo.gl/6Josr #Delhi2013;
  2. Spread the Word About Today’s Post Click this link to tweet this message: We’re SOO Close. Help Keep The #Delhi2013 Mob Momentum Going. Tweet #VAAGiftaway to @VAAintheUSA #sbau http://goo.gl/6Josr 
  3. Join 115+ people by clicking HERE and scrolling down to leave your comment for Sir Richard Branson;
  4. Add your voice in an even bigger way by asking your Facebook friends to get involved OR writing your own post to support the #Delhi2013 dozen like Liza Bernstein of @itsthebunk did: What Inspiration Looks Like;
  5. Ask your favourite celebrity to help us get the word out like Tina Thaw did when she wrote on The Ellen Show’s Facebook Page asking Ellen to stage a flash mob of the Ellenettes to get Richard Branson’s attention.

Just think – this campaign is at the tipping point and you could be the one who makes it all happen for the #Delhi2013 Dozen.

Virgin Atlantic in the USA – If you are reading this post, thank you! We want to partner with you on this groundbreaking program to help survivors heal emotionally from cancer by volunteering internationally. As part of your #VAAGiftaway Program, please consider donating flights to get the #Delhi2013 Dozen to India. Here are just a few comments from our community about why we think this is way too exciting of an opportunity for Virgin to pass up:

  • I’m proud to have been selected as one of the #Delhi2013 dozen. Being a 4x cancer survivor I know what it’s like to live with the stigma of cancer. Over 23 years ago I was diagnosed during a time when no one spoke of having cancer. My dream is to connect with those affected by cancer in India and share with them hope and strength. This journey will be life changing in many ways but we can’t do it without generosity of others… hint hint Sir Richard Branson and Virgin. Thank you in advance for being a part of this dream. – Brenda (participant)
  • Terri is so inspiring and her story will be an amazing episode of Journeys for Good, our voluntourism series for public television. She is a shining example of the power of positivity and we are so happy to have crossed paths with her. Let your amazing journey continue! – Joanie Wynn of Bayside Entertainment
  • After coming across Terri’s dream to bring 12 individuals who are ready to give back to the world, even though some thing was taken from them moved me. As a recently diagnosed and treated cancer patient all I can think of is how to give back. I believe that they have picked the right company and organization to ask for help through Virgin. I would love for you Mr. Branson to help move this vision forward so that you may help the world realize how small it actually is and the difference one individual can make in the world with a little help. When one needs to be healed they must just reach out and give. I hope you see the validity in this project and are moved to action with the incredible gift of your success and its ability for you to help others. – Sondria (cancer survivor and hopeful future participant)
  • PHASE ONE Foundation is extremely proud to fiscally sponsor A Fresh Chapter. Our mutual goal is to help people who have been diagnosed with cancer: Phase One funds clinical trials and innovative cancer treatments, often times a patient’s only hope; A Fresh Chapter offers cancer survivors the chance to move forward in their lives by helping others. Sir Richard Branson, please join this incredible project. Our partnership can change so many lives around the world. – Lissa Zanville – Executive Director for Phase One.
  • As a medical oncologist from a high-income country who has volunteered to improve cancer care in low-income countries for the better part of a decade, I can attest to the critical importance of innovative, bold initiatives like Terri’s. Terri has the requisite determination, drive, and down-right chutzpah to make this HAPPEN. Wouldn’t it be a perfect match for Virgin Atlantic to lend it’s support behind something so positive and worthwhile? People like Terri are one in a million (or more!) and I’m sure you’d be duly impressed by what she’s already achieved so soon after her own battle with cancer. Please consider supporting her in this courageous appeal. – Ophira Ginsburg, MD, University of Toronto 
  • We can not wait to welcome Terri and her intrepid 12 to New Delhi, India. Terri has visited us at CanSupport and is well aware of what a stigma cancer still carries in our country. Cancer survivors of all ages who we look after in our home care and day care programmes need to know that they are part of an international community of survivors who care for them and want to make their cancer experience less painful. Richard Branson you are one of my heroes. Please help us start a fresh chapter here in New Delhi. – Harmala Gupta (CanSupport – New Delhi)
  • I had the privilege of graduating with one of the Delhi2013 group. It would mean the world to Melanie to have the airfare covered by your company to make financing the trip easier, and it will be amazing positive publicity for your company! Everybody’s a winner! – Melissa (friend of one of the 12)
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